The three primary objectives of government are to protect its citizens from hostility through national security and maintain justice through law enforcement whilst enabling a prosperous society.

The UK government are failing us.

As recent events in Manchester have shown, they are failing to protect us and our children. They cannot protect us with over 3000, possibly as many as 10,000 known jihadists, hate preachers and terrorist sympathisers living freely among us on a 'watch list' which they clearly have insufficient resources to administer. DEPORT OR IMPRISON THESE TRAITORS

A watch list isn't enough. It's incompetence bordering on complicit gross negligence and we must not tolerate it any more.

People have been imprisoned for non payment of a TV licence yet these dangerous people walk freely. DEPORT OR IMPRISON THESE TRAITORS.

You may feel powerless as an individual right now, but collectively we can send a loud and powerful message by getting this song to number one in the charts.

Protest government inaction anonymously and buy the song using one of the links below;




Have Spotify?

For the UK music charts 150 plays of the song will equal one purchase so setting the song to repeat overnight may help too.


Spread it far and wide through your social media accounts, post it everywhere you are registered to comment online.